Mineral Deposits Studies Group


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Argyle AK1 open pit. Copyright Rio Tinto 2014
Diavik summer A154 dike and open pit. Copyright Rio Tinto 2014
Pilbara. Copyright Rio Tinto 2014
Diavik underground scoop.  Copyright Rio Tinto 2014
Geothermal springs, Savo volcano, Solomon Islands (D Smith)
Travertine spring, Oman (D Smith)
Abandoned sulfur mine, Milos, Greece  (D Smith)
Palabora, South Africa (Simon Kocher)

Welcome to the Mineral Deposits Studies Group (MDSG)

The Mineral Deposits Studies Group (MDSG) is a special interest group associated with the Geological Society, the Mineralogical Society and the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining (IOM3).

We hold a meeting every winter in which we showcase the latest research in economic geology, and we particularly encourage research students to present their work. For more details of our next meeting please see Events.The purpose of the group is to study mineral deposits, mineralization processes and other geological topics related to mineralization. It does this by arranging meetings for the reading and discussion of communications and promoting the exchange of information, and by organising visits to sites of scientific interest to its members.