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MDSG Review (Markus Skelton, UG student, Brighton)

As a third year Geology student at Brighton, I was absolutely delighted to find out the MDSG meeting would be hosted in the city.  The event kicked off with a Masterclass in Gold. A true masterclass from an enthusiastic geochemist, gold economics analyst and Gold Exploration Geologist. All giving invaluable insight into the precious and fascinating resource.

The following few days of talks from academics, students and exploration professionals granted a wide appreciation of the extraction industry. The links between exploration, extraction, supply chain and investment. Perhaps just as important, the link to the public relationships. How non-geoscientists view the extractive industry. The misinterpretations of “Green-Energy” from “magic-turbines” which is advertised to only have positive effects on our environment. I think the discussion symbolised the importance of public out-reach and the lack of media targeted at the non-geoscientist. As a young professional or generation Z, I felt privileged to be in the position to change this and I look forward to helping.

The event succeeded with intellectual stimulation via thought provoking lectures and post-coffee discussion. Poster presentations, more coffee, followed by evening beers and wine for some; presenting the opportunity to unwind and converse on softer terms. I am already looking forward to next year. Thank you to everyone who came, also to Martin Smith for organising and Liam for orchestrating. Excellent job.