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William Smith 2018: Mineral resources at the frontier

02/07/2018 to 03/05/2018

William Smith 2018: Mineral resources at the frontier
3rd July 2018
Burlington House, London

The 2018 William Smith Meeting will consider mineral resources in ultra-deep terrestrial environments, the deep-ocean (>200 m), the polar regions and extra-terrestrial settings. The Meeting provides a platform to discuss the key global drivers for mineral extraction in frontier environments, including security of supply concerns; to assess current understanding of the resource potential of these largely unexplored parts of the planet and beyond; to identify the geoscience knowledge gaps and science opportunities; hear about research and technology developments in exploration and extraction of these resources; and discuss the challenges for environmental protection and issues surrounding resource ownership, governance and the development of regulatory regimes.
Call for Abstracts
We invite oral and poster abstract submissions for the meeting, and these should be sent in a Word document to rhianna.mclean@geolsoc.org.uk by 25 May 2018. Abstracts should be approximately 250 words and include a title and acknowledgement of authors and their affiliations. Abstract guidelines can be found hereConvenors
Paul Lusty (British Geological Survey)
Bramley Murton (National Oceanography Centre)
Teal Riley (British Antarctic Survey)For more information about the meeting please visit the event page.