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Geol Soc “Year of Risk” Events, 10-14th July 2017

The Institute of Risk Management and Geological Society are co-convening 5 day’s of risk events during the week of the 10th of July.

The first three days comprise of a conference on Managing Risk across the Mining and Oil and Gas lifecycle.  The aim of this conference is to bring together the two sectors so that we can better understand the risks we both face, and share tips, tools and ideas on how to best manage those risks.  This conference will be held at Imperial College London, and will be a mixture of interactive workshops, panel discussions, and debates.  The outline of the conference is as follows:

–          Mon 10th – Tues 11th July:  Workshops delving into key areas of risk faced by both Mining and Oil and Gas (see attached for the individual workshops – these include everything from subsurface modelling, through to managing our tailings)

–          Wed 12th July:  Our session chairs summarise what we have learned from the first two days and we discuss with various industry leaders including CEOs, CROs, and CTOs from both sectors.

–         Thurs 13th – Fri 14th July:  The second conference (note, both events are very much connected) is a broader meeting entitled:  Sharing an Uncertain World:  Lessons in Managing Risk.  This moves beyond the extractives sector to investigate how e.g. the military, aviation, medicine, etc… perceive and deal with risk.  This conference will be held at The Geological Society in Burlington House.  Speakers currently include the likes of Tony Hayward, Prof Bill McGuire, Colin Stevenson, Laurance Donnelly, Simon Day etc…

Additional information and details on how to register can be found on the websites: http://www.geolsoc.org.uk/mogrisk17  and http://www.geolsoc.org.uk/uncertainworld17.