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Fermor Meeting 2017: Factory Earth 25 – 27 September 2017

This is a joint meeting of the MDSG and VMSG communities, exploring the role of magmatic and hydrothermal processes in ore formation.

The meeting will address the fundamental controls on metal transport and deposition address questions such as:

  • What role do sulfide melts play in metal transport?
  • What are the key components of fertile magmas and how can they be identified?
  • What role do volatiles and semi-metals play in transporting and depositing metals?
  • How are ore metals concentrated during magmatic differentiation and transferred to the hydrothermal environment?

Confirmed keynotes include  Professor Jon Blundy (University of Bristol), Professor Tamsin Mather (University of Oxford) and John Mavrogenes (Australian National University).

There is a call for abstracts and oral and poster contributions are invited.

Please send Abstracts in a Word document to Naomi Newbold by 1 June 2017.

The abstract should be approximately 500 words and include a title and acknowledgement of authors and their affiliations where possible. Please indicate if your abstract is for a poster or oral presentation.


Full details are available at https://www.geolsoc.org.uk/fermor17